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Cannabis Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Order Diamond Dust Weed Strain Online

Diamond Dust was created from breeding two famous classic cannabis strains known as Sour Bubble x Matrix together for the perfect offspring. Because of this…the Diamond Dust cannabis strain is a rare indica-dominant strain with high THC levels. Originally bred by Clade 9 Genetics, Diamond Dust is the result of combining genetics between Sour Bubble and Double Dream. There has been debate over its lineage, with some believing its parent strains are Sour Bubble and Matrix 2. What we do know is that it was engineered to have a similar terpene profile as traditional OG strains, making its scent earthy, sweet, and mildly citrusy like lemons mixed with pine and diesel.

Taste, Aroma and Appearance

The name speaks for itself, Diamond Dust weed. These huge large mint green cannabis nugs are just overwhelming when held to the light, to see it full sparkle from the oozing trichomes and bright orangey hairs. There really is no comparison, however some say you could mistake this awesome cannabis nugs for a real diamond!

To release it’s sweet creamy citrus aromas, you must pull and break apart the incredibly sticky nugs. Bursts of fruity herbs compliments it’s true rich earthy and pungent smell that leaves a lingering  light spicy overtone which is some of the qualities most people consider when want to order Diamond Dust weed strain online. Once you start smoking Diamond Dust, you will discover it’s sharp citrus flavor and as it develops its flavors from start to finish you will experience citrus to savory, then a nice creamy finish on exhale. The popularity of this awesome strain is based on statics and testimonials from people who actually order the Diamond Dust weed Strain and actually consume.  Consumers of this magnificent strain have said to expect better focus, a relaxed mindset, and enough physical energy to get a job done. Its THC content usually ranges between 21-25%, so this one that’s best used by experienced and veteran consumers. It’s known to be a perfectly balanced hybrid, so enjoying the moment becomes easier as both physical and mental awareness are heightened simultaneously. Expect to feel your heart beat just a little faster, and your thoughts to become happily lethargic if you’re not pursuing a task to keep the mind busy. Users have also reported that Diamond Dust is a great to escape reality for a couple of hours, and for anyone that needs to calm their nerves.

Medical Benefits

With high THC levels, Diamond Dust weed is ideal for treating negative symptoms like headaches, migraines, mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue and stress. The effects build up slow to help transition the heavy effects, as it starts with fully relaxing your  body to keep you grounded while it creeps up into the mind. Giving the ultimate relief and release of all physical and mental pains or aches. The above benefits should be taken into consideration if you ever want to order Diamond Dust weed strain.


Flavours: Citrus, Sour, Sweet, Creamy

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting, Happy, Relaxing

Cannabis medical Benefits: Solves the issues of; Fatigue, Migraines, Stress, Mood Swings, Depression, Pain

Conclusively, on recommendation, we would advice you order Diamond Dust weed strain for a better experience and great testimony.


Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)


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