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White Widow is a hybrid that has the Widow’s classic aromatic profile (woodsy and piney from the terpinolene and alpha-pinene terpenes) and visual properties (dense flowers with a coating of white trichomes that give it its name)

Indica: 60%

Sativa: 40%

THC: 23.5%

CBD: 0%

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Buy White Widow Cannabis strain

If you’re looking for an upbeat high abound with social energy and motivation, look no further than the beloved White Widow strain. This strain is an all-time fan favorite and has really gained a worldwide fanbase. It has an interesting flavor with notes of peach, skunk, fruit and spice and will really relax you without causing sedation. It’s a great one for morning use.

White Widow is amongst the famous and appreciated strains worldwide which is also a balance hybrid first bred in Netherlands by Green House Seeds. The White Widow cannabis strain is a cross between Brazilian Sativa Landrace and the resin South Indian indica. This awesome strain was born in 1990 and since then, it has been a great influence in almost all Dutch coffee shops.

Those who Buy White Widow strain can attest to the fact that this awesome strain has white buds with crystal resin, creating your awareness to the possible effects or outcome after consumption. It has a powerful burst of euphoria and energy that breaks immediately activating conversation and creativity. This legendary strain has given way to other great strains like Blue Widow, White Russian and White Rhino. If you ever want to shop or buy white widow strain, here is the perfect place to get best of this wonderful strain.


Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)


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