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Buy Gelato Strain

  • Balanced hybrid
  • THC level: 17%
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Buy Gelato Strain For A Taste of Quality

Gelato aka “Larry Bird” or “Gelato #42” is an awesome with great medical potentials. This cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid whish originated as a result of crossing the great Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Gelato strain is known for producing a euphoric high including a strong feeling of of relaxation that comes along with it. Those who buy gelato strain for consumption actually attest to the fact that the effects of  this weed strain strain comes relatively quicker. Before you buy gelato strain, you usually will be briefed with its THC level which is 17%. That makes ideal or recommendable for medical marijuana patients for the benefits of relief of pain, insomnia and fatigue. Consumers of Gelato cannabis strain also confirms that you will be feeling numb to pain after consumption, feeling relaxed but mentally stimulated and more productive. Nevertheless, beginners will have to approach this marijuana strain and its THC power house with a little caution especially if they have low THC tolerance. As of taste, Gelato is found to be sweet with fruity creamy flavors and aromas. The buds of the Gelato strain are illuminated by fiery orange hairs and shiny white coating of crystal resin. The buds are bloomed in dark purple  hues. This awesome cannabis strain due its greatness have been used to produce a variety of other potent strains including Gelato #3, Gelato #33, Gelato #41 and Gelato #45. This is why you should never ask a potential consumer why he or she wants to buy gelato strain. The qualities and potentials are too obvious.


Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)


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