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Can Bitcoin Be Used For Shopping Online?

The answer is yes. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic (COVID-19), the value of a single Bitcoin has migrated with a super fast speed from below $10,000 to above $60,000. This significant change has proven to be a great impact on its global recognition in terms of value.

At first, Bitcoin was rejected and considered illegal by several governments and economies because of its crypto nature, but today most have no choice than to adopt this precious currency and asset as it has proven its value and craved its way into the word’s Stock Exchange Markets. Due to the increase in value of a single Bitcoin, most business men or organizations have jumped into Bitcoin mining thereby increasing global use and awareness of this precious asset.

Part of the attraction in adopting Bitcoin as a digital asset is due to it being a a finite asset against inflation. In this light so many businesses have adopted Bitcoin on their online status as a payment option and 420cannabworld can not be left out in this race of digital awareness. Here on 420cannabworld, you can purchase cannabis for example OG kush, Sour Diesel, White Widow etc.. with Bitcoin.

American internet retailer Overstock became the first online company to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method in 2014 and since then, that has paved the way for so many other companies including 420cannabworld today. Here you can buy cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, Delta 9 THC distillate etc.. with Bitcoin.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bitcoin Over Other Payment Methods?

  • Delivery Efficiency: Bitcoin payment is fast and reliable. Most payments are instant thus making your shopping less stressful and processing of order sooner
  • Security: Shopping with bitcoin secures your personal data unlike shopping with other payment methods which make your information less private where the security of your funds in account are less safe.
  • Less Restrictions: Shopping with Bitcoin avoid constraints like “payment been declined”.

How Can I Get Bitcoins For My Online Purchases?

There are 3 main ways of getting Bitcoin which are: buying, accepting as payment in exchange for a good or service and mining. The most common way is buying Bitcoin. You may visit any of the links below to buy Bitcoin:


Conclusively, Bitcoin is the new face of the global economy.

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